About Us

Tannis & Willow are partners, both certified colon hydrotherapists and run Love My Colon together in Tempe, AZ.

People always ask me how I got into colon hydrotherapy and I tell them -- through divine intervention. I struggled with constipation for years and read a lot of detox books on cleansing fasting & cleaning the colon. I worked on my health and my colon for many years trying anything to feel better.  My girlfriend, who was a colon hydrotherapist, invited me to receive a session, and I absolutely loved it — I got instant relief from feeling bloated & backed up. I did it for three days back to back, as recommended, and I noticed weight loss, skin improvement — everything started feeling better. 

I ended up buying that colonic center 17 years ago. I was able to bring my health into balance and get my life back on track. I can honestly say that colonics & our Worms Be Gone & Candida Be Gone products saved my life. I was able to remove tons of parasites after taking Worms Be Gone. Before doing my Candida cleanse, I was a food addict, and my cravings ran my life.

Our inspiration for helping others has never been stronger.  Our goal is to provide a sanctuary for healing for all who choose us. We are here for you. 

Blessings to you & thank you for choosing Love My Colon!

-  Tannis & Willow