Constipated & need immediate relief ? Last minute & weekends we are here for you

Constipated & need immediate relief ? Last minute & weekends we are here for you

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We are the Colon Angels here to help you feel better, now! Last minute and weekends we are here for you. 

Are you severely constipated?  Do you have fewer than one bowel movement a day and feel really backed up? If you answered yes our Healing Colonic is the right choice. 

Come in for a consultation before your session & your certified therapist  will discuss your personal situation — and the ideal service to match your needs. 

On your first visit, you will receive either a Colonic or Colon Hydrotherapy

Your therapist will explain everything & walk you through the process. Some clients may need both open and closed session, if so there will be an additional charge that will be offered to you prior to service 

We are here to help you in your time of need. Many are amazed by how much is released & how much better they feel after just one session. But for Best Results The industry standard recommends 3 days back to back. Most clients release more on the 2nd & 3rd sessions. We compare it to soaking the dishes over night.

Along with personalized service, you're in professional hands at Love My Colon with 20 years of experience in the greater Phoenix area. You deserve to feel better now & we are here for you.

Prepay & book online or call us for relief today 


What's Included

+ consultation,1 open or closed session 1 hr 30 min treatment, tummy rub with organic lotion, one-on-one personalized healing detox with a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. 


Please note: We do not offer refunds on services purchased. Please be clear on what you are purchasing.