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Love My Colon

Colonoscopy Preparation

Colonoscopy Preparation

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Three Open or Closed sessions, 3 days prior to a Colonoscopy.

Prep & get help to clear out the large intestines for a successful procedure. 


"First experience, came in with an open perspective and I left feeling amazing. Ahhhh, nothing like a colonoscopy/endoscopy double procedure to wake you up to the fact that you need to pay more attention to the internal "plumbing."  Thank goodness for Love My Colon Urban Detox and their compassionate staff for helping pave the way to a successful procedure.

Curious to know how many sessions it took?  I ended up doing 4 sessions total: 3 "open" and the final one "closed".  My doctor told me that I was "very clean" when he went in with his camera.  I also fasted the final 2.5 days.  Clear broth on the first fasting day, water and tea the last two.  I walked out of my procedure about 8 pounds lighter -- but to be clear, this is not for weight loss!  I just happened to get the benefits of a nice fast doing the prep and gave my body a rest... which gave it more time to detox.  Another tip:  liquid mineral drops to remineralize during the fast.

The best detail of all:  not having to guzzle down heaps of salts and chemicals via a 6 hour forced purge of my insides.  (You should read the pamphlet insert on the Suprep sometime.  Side effects are pretty heinous and can include kidney damage, heart arrhythmia and seizues.

So, if you're looking for a more natural/holisitic way to prep for a colonscopy I highly recommend this method.  I also benefited  by having some nice fasting/detox results.  It was a reminder we should all be cleaning out our plumbing more often and giving it a rest!"

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